Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital*

The 50,000 sf, $13 million renovation provides additional space for the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, including Neonatal (NICU) and Pediatric Care Units, Satellite Pharmacy, and Radiology. An overarching goal is to maintain the high level of care and attention that is currently provided to the entire family at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides:

  • - Space for families at the patients’ bedside.
  • - All private and adaptable rooms to adjust to seasonal changes in patient populations.
  • - “Care by Parent” rooms to provide a transition for families prior to going home.
  • - On-Call rooms for both Physician and Nursing staff.
  • - Enhanced charting/dictation at bedside utilizing portable technology.
  • - Colorful, child friendly atmosphere.


This project is the design and build-out of the entire 8th floor of the existing Memorial Hermann Pavilion, located at Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center. The Roger Clemens Foundation donated additional funding and memorabilia to augment the Pediatrics portion (20,000 GSF) with a baseball-oriented design. The design team created an experience for patients and family that emphasizes how family support is the foundation for personal achievement. The design principles were:

  • - Empower patients to get healthy and succeed;
  • - Support CMHH family care concept;
  • - Mask the image of “hospital” through nontraditional tactile and visual distractions;
  • - Create a fun working and healing environment for staff and patients.

The design solution simulates the experience of going to a game with family – structured around multiple strategies for achieving effects of spatial depth with a ballpark-like atmosphere supported by baseball-related props. The main corridor announces the arrival to the four unique stadiums that Roger Clemens played at during his career.