During this phase, we can help ensure that facility priorities align with current market costs. We provide macro cost projections, which can be used to establish the business and financial plans that will drive the entire development process.

    -Macro Capital Cost Projections


    During the planning phase, our ability to manage the dynamics between hospital leadership and the project team lays the groundwork for a collaborative and highly productive team approach. We develop processes that facilitate effective decision-making throughout the entire the project.

    - Detailed Functional Space Programming
    - Project Scope Definition
    - Project Delivery Process Selection
    - Site Capacity Analysis
    - Conceptual Site Planning Design
    - Conceptual Cost Estimates
    - Preliminary Project Schedule
    - Identification of Core Project Team
    - Regulatory Compliance


    Our experience in critical thinking leadership coupled with in-depth knowledge of healthcare, Bioscience, and Higher Education R&D design are valuable assets to the team, providing the expertise needed to objectively evaluate planning trends, conduct workflow analyses, and manage the expectations of physicians, hospital administrations, scientists, business executives, and entire project community.

    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documents
    • Select Contractor, Analyze Bids, Negotiate Contract
    • Coordinate Equipment and Furniture Requirements
    • Coordinate Technology Requirements
    • Construct Mock-ups of Key Spaces as well as
      Workflow Simulations

    Our primary role during this phase is to maintain quality in the field, manage changes and coordinate field issues. Our on-site project managers are experts at facilitating process, coordinating team members, and providing timely issue resolution, and maintaining executive level reporting throughout the program.

    - Identification of Qualified Subcontractors in
      Cooperation with Contractor
    - Coordination with Procurement Managers for
      Delivery and Installation of Medical Equipment, Technology, Furniture and Artwork
    - Project Cost and Schedule Management
    - Infection Control Risk Assessment
    - Regulatory Agency Approvals
    - Coordinate Building Commissioning Process


    The ability to coordinate diverse groups of people while keeping them all happy is a key attribute of our staff members and consultants who manage this phase. Their attention to detail virtually guarantees a smooth transition to the new facility.

    - Resolution of Outstanding Punch List Items
    - Coordinate Move-In and Activation Process with
      Project Team
    - Coordination with Vendors for Installation of Owner
      Provided Items (Furniture, Misc. Equipment, Signage, Artwork, Supplies)
    - Training and Licensing of Medical Equipment and
    - Infection Control Documentation and Compliance
    - Coordination of Staff Training
    - Coordination of Staff and Patient Relocation
    - Grand Opening